Bambini Early Childhood advocates conduct paving a moral and ethical path, speaking and acting in ways that show caring, kindness and fairness to others. As early childhood leaders we appreciate our moral obligation to act with professional integrity in all aspects of our work.

We value speaking with families regarding their needs and interests through conversations that are truthful, gentle and helpful. Our ethical approach when cooperating with each other is genuinely intended to achieve specific goals founded on dignity, respect and decorum.

All children bring an abundance of joy and special moments each day throughout our lives. Our teachers see in light of each child’s positive possibilities and consciously take the time to help children feel noticed, heard, understood and to participate in any decision-making relating to issues that affect their lives. We initiate opportunities for discussion based on peace and justice to talk things through, focus on their feelings and solve their own problems.

While practicing mindfulness we aspire to see every moment with fresh eyes and respond to what that moment requires. We believe children come first with the right to be recognised as people with valuable views and interests and cherish the many opportunities to share with each child; to be awake to their true depth.

By cultivating a child’s self-awareness to their body, feelings, thoughts and attitudes we hope to support the discovery of their unique personality in all of its richness to uncover what motivates their actions. Bambini provides a secure and compassionate environment to enhance awareness of their inner strengths, esteem as individuals, dignity and autonomy, self-confidence and enthusiasm for learning.

We look forward to sharing this joyous experience with you and your family and hope it is positively memorable.

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Enquire Online today and one of our educators will be in touch to discuss your needs.
Enquire Online today and one of our educators will be in touch to discuss your needs.

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